Maestro Artesano

Master Craftsman

We have years of experience in artisanal manufacturing.

CAIRO ESTUCHES company located in the center of Donostia, since 1985.

We have the “MASTER ARTISAN” certificate granted by the Excma. Provincial Council of Guipúzcoa.

Our customers are as varied as our cases:

Goldsmiths, jewelers, silversmiths... for whom our cases are both a simply decorated packaging and a luxurious case that enhances its contents. Industry in general. The needs to present your various products either through your representatives, exhibitions or fairs, including their marketing, make our custom-made briefcases, cases, display buckets, etc. essential. Wines and Christmas lots. Mass production of various cases, wooden boxes, cardboard, trunks, etc. Decor. Case for drawers for cutlery, jewelry boxes, sewing boxes, lined diaries, etc. Cutlery drawer case. Your cutlery will be more protected, closer at hand and musical instruments. Briefcases and cases for various instruments, txistu, whistle, alboka, etc.

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